Thursday, December 12, 2013

Trading Tweets With Oren Koules

Heh heh. This is the post where I become "that guy" who just blogs about what was in his twitter feed last night. But I have to, because it was AWESOME and funny.

Our story starts late Tuesday night, in the sad hours after the Tampa Bay Lightning lost in a shootout to the Washington Capitals. There were still a lot of Lightning fans hanging around on twitter, acting sullen. I wanted to keep the party going somewhat, so I threw out a trivia question to amuse the masses:

@nolanwhyte: Okay, @TBLightning trivia time: name the only Bolt who signed as a free agent prior to Stevie Y's arrival who is still with the team.

It was pretty quiet. Eventually "The Hockey Hitman" came back at me:

@thehockeyhitman: MSL and Malone.

I pointed out that while Martin St-Louis was a free agent, Ryan Malone was actually acquired via trade before he reached free agency. The whole thing was part of a bigger discussion on my part about how thoroughly Steve Yzerman has rebuilt the club in his time here. Only St-Louis, Malone, Nate Thompson, and Teddy Purcell remain from before Yzerman's arrival, not counting Tampa Bay draft picks like Steven Stamkos and Victor Hedman. The Hockey Hitman pointed out that I'd forgotten Matthias Ohlund, and we exchanged a chuckle about how he hardly counts because he'll probably never play again.

Fast forward one day.

Out of the blue!

@OrenKoules: @nolanwhyte: Also Ryan Malone...

and this:

@OrenKoules: @TheHockeyHitman Hey forgot Ryan Malone...

Oren Koules? As in the "OK" in "OK Hockey"? As in former Tampa Bay Lightning owner (with dick-ball Len Barrie) Oren Koules? WTF?

So I reply:

@nolanwhyte: @OrenKoules Malone + Roberts were acquired in trade before free agency. Signed as free agents, but Bolts held their rights. #technicality

Oren answers:

@OrenKoules: @nolanwhyte that's pretty thin....

I reply:

@nolanwhyte: @OrenKoules Maybe it's thin, but you gave up a draft pick for his rights. A trade is a trade.

Around this time, The Hockey Hitman checks his timeline and notices Oren's "genius" comment. He replies (and makes himself my hero forever):

@thehockeyhitman: .@OrenKoules About the only thing I have to say to you is thank god you don't own #TBLightning anymore.

Blammo! But not to be outdone, Oren replies:

@OrenKoules@TheHockeyHitman ....that makes two of us!!!

Well played, Oren. But actually, that makes ALL of us.

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