Friday, October 10, 2014

Game 1: FLA 2 @ TBL 3 (OT): Two Poetry Recaps

For the first game of the 2014 season, I bring you two poetry recaps. The Lightning beat the Panthers 3-2 in overtime on a Victor Hedman goal, with goalie Ben Bishop passing the puck ahead while the Panthers were changing. It was a power play goal.

First, here is Lightning Head Coach Jon Cooper's free verse poetry response to the season's opening game (text courtesy the Tampa Bay Lightning):

Those home openers are tough

there is the long ceremony
in the beginning
and it is real exciting.

Everyone is jacked up
the coaches

all fired up for the game

and I think
you see it in the play.

It is a little scrambly
a little jumpy

everything wasn’t crisp
for either team.

Thanks, Jon. Next, I present a poem of my own in response to the game.

Power Play

Opening night,
Panthers in town for the Bolts,
and it's tight,
going right to overtime.

A tight game, but it could have been a slaughter,
keeping in mind that the power plays
were 7-2 for the Lightning.

All three Lightning goals were on the advantage.
Johnson on the power play,
Callahan on a five-on-three,
and Hedman on the PP to open OT.

And sure, the faster, more skilled team
will force their opponents
to take more penalties
and make more mistakes.

But all the same

I'm glad the refs got my check in time.

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Monday, September 29, 2014

Cooper: A Poem on Roster Cuts

The Lightning have made twenty-five cuts at camp, leaving twenty-eight on the roster. There are five more cuts to be made, with a few spots available. Here's Tampa Bay's head coach Jon Cooper reading a spontaneous beat poem about camp cuts in the Tampa Bay Times:

Everyone has earned the right to be here
There are spots open.
And I think the guys in there know it.

There's competition we have with other teams in this league
but there's competition we have inside our locker room.
This is the week to get after it.

You have to learn,
'Can these guys be call-ups?
Can they be legitimate call-ups?'

That's where you have to gauge
getting a little chemistry
between this player and this player,
can they keep up?

It happens every year,
you go with,
'This is pretty much our group,'
and you go into a Vegas casino and say,
'I'm going to put money that this is the group
we're going to come out with,'

And, sure enough,
after a week in camp
that's not the group you're coming out with.

But it's a good problem to have.

That means guys are stepping up
and you want to take a closer look.
And competition is healthy.

(Quotes taken from the Tampa Bay Times)

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